AlcheMinistry Labs 47 : Le Grand Dénouement

Lux Fiat Lupo – Light becomes a wolf
Nine Inch Nails – The begining of the end
Atari Teenage Riot – Rage
Pop Will Eat Itself – Wake up! Time to die…
The Melvins + JG Thirlwell – Station to station
Lux Fiat Lupo – My rusted key
Monster Magnet – Black celebration
Einstürzende Neubauten – Headcleaner I
Bauhaus – The Three Shadows; Parts 1,2,&3.
Bright eyes- Let’s not shit ourselves (To love and to be loved)
Orpheus as ‘The Royal Cellar’ – I’m going to have to disappoint you.
Alec Empire – Kiss Of Death
KMFDM – From here on out
Trigun – Perfect Night
The Amazing Brando & Orpheus – Pile of Atmos
Sister Machine Gun – Gonna be right
Warren Zevon – Keep Me in Your Heart
Bill Drummond – I believe in Rock & Roll

(Lux Fiat Lupo features Bass by The Digger Smolken of Wolfmangler & Dead Raven Choir & other sounds by Orpheus.

‘Pile of Atmos’ was recorded around 2005 , this is its first and probably ONLY release; being ‘not right’ for release in any other projects by Orpheus or Brand0. )

Well, thats it.

Have a good one Brothers and Sisters!

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