AlcheMinistry Labs 45 Part 2 : More Music For Adventurers!

Terranigma – Overworld (Arranged)
Soul Blazer – Intro theme
Terranigma – The humans arrive
Terranigma – Beasts are born
Secret of Mana – Phantom and a rose
Lufia – The mystery lady
Legend of Mana – Jewel thief Sandra appears
Lufia – Wedding ceremony
Legend of Mana – Good things happen
Legend of Mana – Leading into prosperity
Secret of Mana 2 – Few paths forbidden
Lufia – Departure
Children of Mana – Evil beast
Legend of Mana – Fiery castle
Children of Mana – Blocking menace
Lufia – Battle theme 2
Illusion of Gaia – Fanfare
Lufia – New world
Secret of Mana 2 – Innocent sea
Lufia – Deep blue
Terranigma – Go to rest
Lufia – Sweet dreams
Secret of Mana – Eternal recurrence
Lufia – The memory of last war
Terranigma – The underworld
Lufia – Under market
Lufia – The ruins of dread
Lufia – Four masters of doom
Children of Mana – Emergency
Illusion of Gaia – Signs of the past
Terranigma – City of dead
Secret of Mana – Fear of the heavens
Terranigma – Resurrection
Lufia – Judgement Day
bLiNd – Beginning of the End (Birth of a God) OCRemix
Lufia – The land nobody knew
Legend of Mana – Holy palace of mana
Lufia – Triumph

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