Episode 40 : THIS HAS BEEN THE ALCHEMINISTRY LABS. part four (AML 29 – 36)

This series has been dedicated to all the long time listeners, as well as the newer listeners, hoping to tempt them into the backlog…just follow those links brothers n sisters!

DJ 2B Live from X-Day – Chicken Tetrazzini
Enter Shikari – no sleep tonight (Orpheus mix)
The Flaming Lips – turn it on
Devo and A perfect circle , freedom choice : my ‘2 ways to go ‘ mix
Orpheus Stain & Erazuu Rauu vs Negativland- Your definition of ‘very stupid’ may vary.

pop inc looking for the klf and mu vari speed mixed with the cure- jumping someone elses train , and the rites of mu .( in the ghetto mix).

Digital Underground – The return of the crazy one
underworld – always loved a film : klf mix.
Tom Waits – train song
Radiohead – wish you were here.
(unknown artist)- music for walking off into the sunset.
the operation is a success…end the record how we like! ( Orpheus’ trolling mix) .

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