AlcheMinistry Labs Episode 34: “X-Day as Orpheus remembers it”.

This weeks show is a special 90 minute AML I went once again to X-DAY, THE YEARLY SUBGENIUS END OF THE WORLD PARTY….FOR MORE DETAIL SEE SUBGENIUS.COM.

Enter shikari – No sleep tonight
Minless self indulgence – bitches Mu-Ziq Mix
1st meow
The Amazing Brancat -Enjoy your Cat
Stick, Pisces & Catfeather – Meow Rock
Who wants to meow when I pee, even more meow remix mix.-mixed Orpheus
The Amazing brando – Bad Kitty NO
Mindless self indulgence – 777 Bitches
Mindless self indulgence – DJ Cam Mix
Enter Shikari No sleep tonight (kickass remix I did.)
Hazel of the WIndmills – poem
Crude Matter Bliss – rant n meow
Ennie and the mystery of the jemjem huffing chamber
Thatan – god is watching us (kill each other)
Jannus Blackseed – untitled song and rant.
and a closing Doktor Jam Featuring : Hazel of the Windmills on Sitar
backing guitar by Suds Pshaw
Lead guitar Slander Bob,
Bass Bishop Stick
turn tables DJ 2Beans
kazoo slidewhistes etc by Thatan
and Bill Drummond on “Why Recorded Music is DEAD.”

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