AlcheMinistry Labs 22 with “Bob” & Doug

A show case of many reverends, I did this set (well, this is a slight mutation of it) Live one week when Ministry of Slack ran early and only had an hour of material.

KLF – Burn the bastards (live)
Rev. McGee – cut up – Selective Sanity
Flaming lips – U.F.O. Story, ( Rev Orpheus’s Piano Edit.)
Rev. Orpheus – cut up – The villains, “Bob” n Doug. [MF DOOM vs The great white north]
Gorillaz with MF DOOM – November has come .
Neuvelle Vague – Too drunk to fuck [Dead Kennedys cover]
Atari Teenage Riot – Too dead for me , radio edit
Cutting Pink With Knives – Fuck you I’m the king of France
What is he building in there – Black Scythe Affair
Mindless Self Indulgence – Bomb this track
How to destroy angels- BBB (bigblackboots)
GWAR – Let us slay
Rev. Hazel of the Windmills – Curse God and Die [Orpheus remix]
Uberbyte – Moneyshot
Rev. Orpheus – mash up – The Swinging Love Corpses + DJ Godfather (Getchob*tch) = Swinging Bitch.
Rev. Orpheus – cut up – “Bob” & Doug – I believe in the guys. [more MF DOOM vs The great white north]

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