AlcheMinistry Labs 21 : X-Day 13 :. So long and thanks for all the sin!

The following Jams were kicked out live at X-Day 13 over Or Kill Me Radio.

Orpheus @ Or Kill ME Radio

KLF – Church of the KLF – White Room :. Original motion picture soundtrack version. :.
Dusty Springfield – The Windmills Of Your Mind :. ‘The world is like an apple, turn it up Orphy! mix’
bLiNd – Oh Shit, This is Real Shit :. Repercussions of Fowl Lamentation – OCREMIX.
KLF vs Beastie Boys – Sabotaged and Ancient :.
Dropkick Murphys – Gang’s all here.
Pop Will Eat Itself – Everything’s Cool :. Dos Dedos Mis Amigos
Intergalactic Busters – ( Wu Tang, Beastie Boys, Ghostbusters, KLF)
KLF vs Eminem – Justified and Shady :.
KLF vs Motorhead – Eternal Spades :.
Bill Drummond – I Believe in Rock & Roll :. The Man

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