AlcheMinistry Labs episode #9- X-day Armageddon days are here (again)!

It is that special time of year, with X-day so near I figured it was time for an Armageddon show. So to help you spend an hour counting down the time until 7 AM July 5th, heres a barrage of some end times tunes!

Skinny puppy – Grave wisdom.
Brüderschaft – Forever (ReMix by Patrick Codenys of Front 242)
Marilyn Manson – Down In The Park
Gary Numan – Dominion Day
KMFDM – Bullets, bombs, bigotry.
Nine inch nails – Survivalism (Dave Sitek Mix)
Tomahawk – God Hates A Coward
King Geedorah – The final hour + Monster Zero **
Public Enemy – Countdown to Armageddon + She Watch Channel Zero?! **
Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot – No Remorse
Tom Waits – Earth died screaming
Johnny Cash – The man comes around
Fantômas – Omen (ave satani)
Omega & the Mechanical Animals – Rock is dead
Nine inch nails – The way out is through

**I did some mixing around the King Geedorah and Public Enemy tracks.

I hope you enjoy this , because when it is over everything will be about one hour closer to the apocalypse…*grin* (to find out more about X-day see )

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