AlcheMinistry Labs 17 : Drugs.

Faith No More – Pills For Breakfast
Monster Magnet – Drug Farm
Foo Fighters – Floaty
Talking Heads – Mind
Devo – Golden Energy
Halo33 remix of NIN – (Can’t Stop) Me, I’m Not
Peeping Tom – Mojo (Feat. Rahzel & Dan The Automator)

DISCLAIMER **Covering my own arse: not that I advocate the recreational use of substances, “Drugs” is just a theme that ties the songs together. What YOU chose to do while listening is your own choice.** …also this episode is only 25 mins, coming back to the roots of the show. Props goes out to J.R. Clagghapper, who is half the reason I got started doing podcasts, Rev.80 who worked with me on the 3rd show (which was back when I was just going to briefly “stand in” for J.R.), and the rest of the Ministry of Slack, Garage Global Network, and the Cabal of Silence. (There IS a Cabal!)

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