AlcheMinistry Labs 8 – The romantic side of Orpheus

No, this isn’t time control, but this IS episode 8 redone and given a *major* overhaul.

New love in my life means a new version , dedicated to that love.

I ❤ you KatieBug!

-Track List-

(New intro!)
Dub Trio with Mike Patton – Not alone
Talking Heads – This must be the place
Leonard Cohen – I’m your man
Bromheads Jacket – Poppy bird
Bright Eyes – First day of my life
Roxy Music – 2HB
L33chy’s Bort Orchestra – Crazy thing in my head
Depeche Mode – World in my eyes
Nine Inch Nails – The perfect drug
Daft Punk – Digital love
The Evolution Control Committee – PWN monkey
Beck – Do you realize?
Flaming Lips – Thank you
(Slightly changed outro)

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