AlcheMinistry Labs Episode #7 : OI! Orpheus goes Punk!

The AlcheMinistry Labs is BACK and going PUNK with episode 7!

The idea for this show came to me when I realized that not only had my editing software ‘punked out’ on me; but also that, in a way, I had Punked out on YOU the listeners and subscribers! (lets just say I had a GREAT Cinco de Mayo..*ahem*) But NOW we are back to (anti)business as (un)usual!!

— intro–
Propaghandi- Anti Manifesto
Lagwagon – Know it all
Bigwig – Freegan
NOFX – Liza and louise
Anti-Flag – Bring It To An End
Bad religion – Do what you want
Blink 182 – Family Reunion
The Humpers – mutate with me
Terrorgruppe – All Cops Are Bastards
Lagwagon – Mr Coffee
Descendants – Coffee mug
Dropkick Murphys – Gangs all here
Swingin’ Utters – Back To You
The Ramones – Somebody put something in my drink
NOFX – Drugs Are Good
Screeching Weasel – Dirty Needles
Dead Kennedys – Drug Me
Hot Box – Staggering
7 Seconds – F.O.F.O.D.
Offspring – Jennifer lost the war
Rancid – Blacklisted
Me First and the gimme gimmes – Only the good dye young
Youth Brigade _- You Don’t Know Shit
Bad Religion – Give you nothing
NOFX – See Her Pee
Offspring – Hand Grenades
Black Flag – Spray Paint
Rancid – I wanna riot
— Outro.–

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