AlcheMinistry Labs Episode #5 The Doktor Muzik Extravaganza (Part Two)

~intro remix ~
Amino Acids – Terror beyond a world unknown
The Band That Dare Not Speak Its Name – Poster of dobbs
Swinging Love Corpses , Fog and the dew

Show attempts to dock with the Hour of Slack Mothership, for a special “Guest Host”. *WARNING, other shows may be in orbit of Subsite ( , and we may hear some crossed signals* “We are sorry for the inconvenience”.


~~St. Nag takes over!–
Rev tony brower – give thanks to “Bob”.
Drs. for “Bob” – HEEUGH(the pricky song).

Consortium of Genius – Bow to me.
Rudy Schwartz – Kill for God.
Rev. GoDrex- Can’t hide from “Bob” (of

“docking static” and “St. NagBot” Remixed by Orpheus Stain using samples of Radio AM and Radio FM by Mike Patton, a sample of “Bob’s” Slacktime Fun House & Puzzling Evidence Sampling MoS played on ‘The Show” from april 17 2009, X-Rated Hour of Slack # 7 and Episode 1059 & and a sample of Marilyn Manson’s “Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)”.___________

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