AlcheMinistry Labs Episode #4 The Doktor Muzik Extravaganza (Part One)

While J.R. Clagghapper was away from Pop Rocks on The Ministry of Slack, he left The AlcheMinister Orpheus Stain is in charge of the jams for afew weeks. Orpheus Wreck-Con’d it was the time for a two part epic of doctor shows, which became a trilogy, and well , you know how those doktor shows are!. Them boys
n their rock n roll party bands make song what refuse to die, and those songs make series not want to die….and somewhere out there in the night lurks show 5, oh don’t doubt it, them doktormuzik podcasts don’t die, oh they hibernate, but they don’t die, and this series is back from hiatus and wants to doktor your hearin’ glands!

Doktor Muzik Extravaganza
–AlcheMinister’s remix of Intro–
Del the funkee homosapien -Mista Dobbalina
Rudy Schwartz Project – Creation science polka.
The band that dare not speak its name- I fought the slaw
Drs 4 “Bob” – Dobbs approved

Swinging love corpses – Sixteen Tons
P-funk – Everything is on the One
Drs 4 “Bob” – Kassner Head Pussy.
Amino Acids – Fear the future
Weird Al – Bob
Drs 4 “Bob”- You can’t hide (shortest version EVER)
Consortium of Genius – Blinded with Science
Rudy Schwartz Project – Orange is nothing but a juicy pumpkin


**version here is actually just a VERY short clip, looped twice. I should make a re-release to replace it with the the 10 min version of ‘You can’t hide’.

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