AlcheMinistry Labs Episode #3 The Doktor Muzik Extravaganza (Part Zero)

Instead of hearing This playlist was a joint effort of Rev. Dementio 1010000 and the AlcheMinister Orpheus Stain, with commentary by Statler and Waldorf. ENJOY!

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Ambugaton
Angry Samoans – Time Has Come Today
S&W 1
Skinny Puppy- Curcible
The Amazing Brand0- Godzila will rule you
S&W 2
Amino Acids -Focusing disintegrator ray, Slack removal machine, Trafalgar 42
Crotchless Leather Wheelchair – Who is “Bob”
Phineas Narco – semper subgenius
S&W 3

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